Battery Life

Whether you use a netbook or an ultramobile notebook (same difference!), the one of the most important requirements in my view, particularly for the very mobile worker, is that it has a significant battery life – whole day preferably.

Down with 3-Cell Batteries: Netbooks Should Have 5+ Hours of Battery Life

The only problem with many 6 cell batteries is the sometimes awkward shape and the additional weight that it generally gives the notebook. In fact when I come to replace my existing machine, I will be looking at those machines that give at least 5 hours of battery life. How about you? Do you believe battery life is so important?

Laptop Security

Try thinking of your notebook or mini-note not as a computer but as a pile of cash. Would you leave $800 lying around on a library table or the front seat of your car? How about $300? Chances are you wouldn’t, and that’s because we instinctively realize that’s tantamount to inviting unscrupulous types to help themselves.

Mobile PC Security Tips: Part I

This article offers some straightforward security tips, but the best one is unsaid.

Make it so you do not care whether your laptop is stolen. Take the normal physical security precautions, but make best use of the Cloud to ensure that if the laptop is lost or destroyed, that you do not lose any data. This is done via file sync systems such as Mesh, Live Sync or others, or by using Gladinet to give folder level access to online storage mechanisms like Google Docs, Amazon S3, or Skydrive. What about security of the data – well make sure you use full disk encyption for the laptop so nothing on the disk is recoverable without the password.

And then we come to the cost… well use low cost laptops or netbooks at less than €400/£400 or much less, so the biggest cost is actually the installation of a new machine.

These are what I can recommend, think about it.

The luck and loneliness of the long-distance worker

Sometimes when browsing the Internet, you come across some things that are old but still quite good. This article puts across the need to engage people who telecommute or work in a geographically distributed environment, to spend some facetime with each other.

In the traditional office, workers are much like the individual members in a symphony orchestra. They rely on a broad range of verbal and non-verbal interactions to coordinate their efforts. Much as string players watch each other to synchronize bow strokes, workers adjust their pace so that it is compatible with fellow workers. Meanwhile, the boss acts something like the conductor, keeping the entire office together and prompting workers when needed.

The luck and loneliness of the long-distance worker.

Dedicated Skype Phone from Asus Finally Out

Asus have finally gotten around to releasing their Skype videophone that I talked about last November.

“Asus has just released the first certified standalone Skype videophone which will make it easier for novice users to speak and see each other.

The device, called the EEE AiGuru SV-1 Videophone, is the first non PC product of Asus’s popular EEE family. The 1.6Kg videoconferencing tool comes with a 7-inch 800×480 LCD screen, an integrated VGA low-light webcam, a speaker and a microphone.

Asus Debuts Skype EEE Videophone at £220 –”

My view has not really changed, particularly now we have the price confirmed. You can now buy Asus EeePC 701G devices for £159, a full £60 cheaper and yet the functionality is pretty much the same, with the advantage that the EeePC can be used for full Internet browsing and gives you 2 hours of use. In fact, you could also look at one of the Acer One netbooks or Asus 900 units for pretty much the same price. I know exactly what I would go for, but then I am not the novice.